Why is Facebook’s own Like Button page so difficult to use?

It would appear that many people are struggling to use Facebook’s own Like Button generator on their website – which is the reason that this website was created. To most people, terms like SDK and API are extremely arcane – and the eyes tend to glaze over at the first mention of them. So why is this the case?

The reason is likely because Facebook is staffed by developers, who often lack the insight that other people are less-than-technical. It is worth pointing out that Facebook’s PR team have gone to great lengths to make the company more user-friendly; anyone who tried to embed a Like button in 2010 can attest to this – it was an absolute minefield! Generally anything listed on https://developers.facebook.com should come with a warning to less-than-savvy users not working in tech.

If you need any further proof that Facebook isn’t user-friendly, then look at the meteoric rise of services like AddThis and ShareThis, which have bridged the gap between savvy developers and the everyday Joe Bloggs users. They have now got millions of users, and all they do is make it easier to embed third-party services into your website; ultimately their usage should have dwindled but Facebook and other social media tech firms clearly haven’t made enough inroads to resolve the problem. Not that we are complaining – this website was created due to the demands of users looking for a simple, all-in-one solution to adding a Facebook Like button to your website at no cost.

Just a final word to those who are paying for their Facebook Like button customizations – time to demand a refund! Watch this space as this website will shortly be rolling out a plethora of new features that will render paid-for services completely redundant.