1. How do I add the Facebook Like button to my website?
    Just copy the code to your clipboard (or by pressing Ctrl + C) and then paste it to where you want it to appear on your website, by either right-clicking > Paste option, or by pressing Ctrl + V on your keyboard. It’s done!
  2. The Facebook Like button isn’t showing/working. Help!
    Please make sure that your website supports iframes. Some of the lower-end hosting options do not support iframes so it’s best to contact their Support to verify this.
    Please also check that you do not have AdBlock Plus, Ghostery or similar browser plugins enabled, as these can sometimes hide social media buttons by accident. You can disable or whitelist your website then refresh the page, to find out if this is the cause.
    If you are still having problems please contact us, making sure to include the URL address to the page that is not displaying the Like button.
  3. How do I change the Like Button image or customize it further?
    We are working on these changes and will be adding them to the website soon! Please keep checking back.