Hidden Meaning of Facebook Purple Flower Revealed

Do you remember when Facebook introduced the ‘flower’ reaction as a temporary thing almost a year ago? Well the social media behemoth is reportedly bringing back the little purple flower back for some of our social media profiles. At the time, no-one knew what it was for or what it meant – did it have something to do with de-flowering? Or maybe it was a throwback to flower power? We were all left wondering….

But the real meaning is actually really sweet. The flower reaction was to mark UK Mother’s Day which will be celebrated on 14 May in more than 80 countries all over the world. Unlike Father’s Day, this day is actually the same across the globe, with little variation of the date.

Anyway, now Facebook has decided to finally bring it back – and it’s known as the ‘thankful’ reaction, or ‘grateful’ for web and mobile users.

So it’s more of a digital gesture – as Facebook explained in 2016…

‘In honour of Mother’s Day, we are testing the ability for people in a few markets to leave a flower reaction.’

So there you have it – wonder no more!