Customization Apps For Android

customization apps for android

Android has become the universal medium for Operating Systems (OS) on a majority of devices worldwide. Users therefore often need to select from a list of the – Best customizing apps for android.

Best Customizing Apps

The following apps are considered the Best customizing apps for android:

  • IFTTT: An exceptionally strong and versatile app, IFTTT can work smoothly between over 600 different apps. This includes the highly popular and universally used Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It automates all kinds of tasks and there are huge numbers of IFTTT recipes on the web. IFTTT is probably best at its task of all the other apps, except Tasker. In addition this app is completely free with no add-ons to buy and no advertisements.
  • MIUI-ify: MIUI styled devices abound in the market and use of this app converts the device’s looks to exactly MIUI style. It is not to everyone’s taste, but the Users who do find it a fully pleasurable experience. It includes Icon packs, Quick Settings appearing at the bottom of the screen, and full color customization. It is free without add-ons, but will cost around US$8, at a time, with the add-ons.
  • Gboard and SwiftKey: Both these two apps are completely free without advertisements, and they are probably the two best keyboard apps on Android. Both have a variety of decent features, such as, Gesture Typing, but they are in application a little different from each other. Gboard is much simpler and with more common mainstream features. SwiftKey is basically for power Users. Ultimately of course, the User customizes as he wants.
  • KWGT: KWGT creates customized widgets that look exactly as the User wants it. This can create in-depth levels of customization, with widgets completely suited for the wallpaper and theme. Widgets included may be for RSS, Music Controls, Weather, Clock, Calendar, and Buttons and so on. This is also useful if you have certain adult apps on your mobile device. For example you can change the widget for a sex app or other adult only application to something that looks like a regular utility. Two other similar but older apps are UCCW and Zooper Widget, which are no longer considered to be as good in operation. This app is also entirely free.
  • Navigation Gestures: This entirely free app was in use before the new Gesture Navigation System was introduced by Android Pie. A series of Gestures and Swipes can take over the Navigation Operation and the Navigation Bar can be omitted all-together. It is possible to swipe in various directions. These Gestures and Swipes can be used instead of Home, Back and recent apps buttons. Support for Notifications, Quick Settings, Media Controls, Screenshots, and more, is available in the premium versions. This is likely to be the future of Android Applications.
  • Sharedr: There is a list of apps that are shown by the prompt along with a random list of the User’s favorite contacts. Choosing the correct app with the favorite contact, for that operation, sometimes causes chaos and waste of time. Sharedr creates an orderly choice, by customizing the prompt to remove the random nature of the favorite contacts. Once the User customizes the random list, it stops the associated wastage of time entirely. No in-app purchases are applicable to this app, and the app is entirely free.
  • Navbar Apps: These apps change the Color, Theme and Style of the User’s Navigation Bar. A number of crazy and funny themes, like Watermelons, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, Terry Toons, and so on, are available. Navigation Bar colors can be changed based on the app opened. Though the app seems to work reasonably well, with normal Android apps, the auto-theme function does not work with Huawei devices and Google Chrome. A single US$1.99 in-app purchase unlocks the app completely.
  • Tasker: This is easily at the top of the list of Best Android apps in the entire Google Play Store. At a price of only US$2.99, this app can create new actions and automate all tasks. In use, Tasker is often difficult. Many apps come with direct Tasker support and a whole lot of apps, like Autotools, create further extensions. Tasker maybe difficult to learn and use, but it is the best-of-the-best in use now.
  • Tapet: This app contains a variety of entirely customizable apps. These patterns can be reloaded with slight changes in design and color. Extremely high resolution means it can be used even for the largest displays.