Websites for Cool Desktop Wallpapers

Getting a cool wallpaper is one way to personalize your desktop. Of course, there are other ways to make a computer your own. You could like putting in your favorite apps and programs, organizing your files, etc. But wallpapers are that one stamp that can make a gadget more personal in a fun, visual, and artistic way.  

There are tons of great websites where you can get cool desktop wallpapers. You can find almost everything from NASA images of the Milky Way to adorable pets in funky glasses and iconic quotes from classic movies to deviant art, etc.

Some of the best websites for cool desktop wallpapers include Desktop Nexus,, NASA Image of the Day Gallery, Vladstudio, Interfacelift, deviantART Wallpaper, HD Wallpapers, WallpaperStock, National Geographic Wallpapers, and eWallpapers.

The two major types of websites for cool desktop wallpapers are free and subscribed websites. The upside of paying for wallpapers is that they’re often of better quality. And you get to find some really unique images you wouldn’t come across elsewhere.

The pictures you get from these desktop wallpaper websites are often calibrated to the size of different desktop screens. Certain wallpapers you like may not be a perfect fit for your screen. But it’s not impossible to make slight adjustments.

Top free websites for cool desktop wallpapers:


Interfacelift provides a wide variety of high-resolution pictures for desktops and other devices. What’s great about the website is that they have their galleries arranged into several categories. 

You can browse images on Interfacelift with ease according to user ratings, number of downloads, and resolution quality- easy access to amazing wallpapers! is another amazing website with over 60,000 free wallpapers to choose from. Now that’s one heck of a collection. The wallpapers are available in a diverse number of themes, from city landscapes to anime.

Also, all the pictures are categorized based on themes, resolution, recent uploads, etc., making it easy to navigate.


WallpaperStock is an enduring favorite among its customers. Here’s where you’ll get access to tons of free wallpapers of different varieties and resolutions.

WallpaperStock provides wallpapers for desktops as well as other devices. You can either browse their gallery at random or have them arranged. If you like to take a look at multiple themes and styles at once, this is a fantastic feature you can take advantage of.

Top subscription websites for cool desktop wallpapers:

Desktop Nexus

Now Desktop Nexus is hands-down one of the best websites to get cool desktop wallpapers. The website provides a great selection of photographs and images by professional photographers and artists.

Moreover, you can even interact with them and give them feedback on their work in real-time. Complete access to their gallery will require a subscription.

NASA Image of the Day Gallery

If you agree there’s nothing cooler than space, you’re going to love the NASA Image of the Day Gallery. The website uploads numerous high-resolution images of actual space along with short descriptions by professional astronomers. 

Find pictures of all kinds of astronomical bodies, from planets, stars, and asteroids to comets on the gallery. Space-lover or not, we assure you’re going to love their collection- just phenomenal! Complete access will require a subscription.

DeviantArt Wallpaper

DeviantArt Wallpaper is a fantastic website for those looking for quirky, imaginative, and artistic wallpapers for their desktops. What we especially love about this website is that most of the wallpapers on here are original works submitted by artists. 

On DeviantArt Wallpaper, you get to browse through wallpapers based on ratings, new uploads, etc. It makes it easy to navigate their gallery. Access to exclusive high-quality artwork requires a subscription.…